St. Casimir Catholic Church



California Ateitis Society

A Catholic Lithuanian youth group, encourages spiritual and intellectual activities. It was established in 1910 and members are grammar school through college students graduates. Members meet monthly during the school year and participate in parish activities, church celebrations and commemorations.



St. Casimir Lithuanian Heritage School of Los Angeles

Every Saturday, children from pre-school through 12th grade are taught by a faculty of 30 teachers and assistants about Lithuanian language, history, literature, culture and traditions. As part of the curriculum, they are prepared for First Communion and Confirmation.

St. Casimir Los Angeles Parish Choir

A group of musically talented men and women who sing during the Lithuanian Sunday Mass. Their repertoire includes traditional and contemporary religious hymns.

Daughters of Lithuania Los Angeles

It provides assistance to children, elderly individuals and families in need. Through their various humanitarian efforts, they bring hope, change lives and make a difference. Assistance, scholarships, medical treatment, care packages and more are delivered to recipients in the homeland.

Lithuanian Children’s Hope

Its main goal is to provide unavailable specialized medical aid to the children of Lithuania. Children with severe medical problems who cannot be helped in Lithuania are brought to the United States for treatment. Assistance is provided by medical equipment donations, internships, visits from U.S. medical professionals and the remodeling of aging hospitals and medical facilities.

Knights of Lithuania, Los Angeles Chapter

Men with Lithuanian ancestry along with their spouses, keep alive an appreciation of Lithuanian language, customs and culture while stressing the importance of Roman Catholic beliefs. It serves “for God and Country”.

Lithuanian Sunday Prayer Group

A group of senior women who meets at the lower church hall before Sunday Mass. They pray for all parishioners and accept requests for any intentions. Everyone who believes in the power of group prayer is invited to come and join.


Apostolate of Virgen de los Remedios

A Kapampangan-Filipino group that holds the annual pilgrimage to Mary at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels every September. The image of Virgen de los Remedios that is enshrined at the church is brought to the Cathedral for presentation of crown and a solemn Mass is held, attended by thousands of devotees.


Hermandad de las Americas de Nuestra Senora del Rocio

A Spanish group that promotes devotion to our Lady. The image of our Lady of Rocio from Spain is brought in church accompanied with the singing of Salves. After Mass, parishioners enjoy Spanish canciones and flamencos in between tapas, paella and sangria.