St. Casimir Catholic Church


Sunday Announcement

It is the Thirty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time.


The first reading from the book of Malachi foretells this Day, giving the warning that the future, known to God alone, will bring healing and reward for the just who forearm themselves with words and works (peace, justice, mercy and truth), and retribution for the “proud and all evildoers.”

St. Paul in the second reading, cautioned the Thessalonians against the idleness with which some of them were anticipating the end and encouraged them not to be weary of doing good. He suggested that their best preparation for the future was to devote their attention to present duties, to maintain a holy and wholesome balance between prayer and service, work and play, and to develop enduring family ties and values.

The gospel of St. Luke warns that the date of the end of the world is uncertain.  Signs and portents will precede the end, and the faithful will be called upon to testify before kings and governors.  The Good News, however, is that those who persevere in faithfulness to the Lord will save their souls and enter God’s eternal kingdom.


Tuesday, November 19 is the feast of St. Agnes of Assisi

Agnes followed her sister Clare in the San Damiano monastery to live a life of prayer and strict penance. In 1221 she was sent to become the abbess of a group of Benedictine nuns in Monticelli near Florence. She also established another monastery of the Poor Ladies in northern Italy. She followed after three months of her sister Clare’s death. St. Agnes was canonized in 1753.

Thursday, November 21 is the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Protoevangelium of St. James tells us that Anna and Joachim offered Mary to God in the Temple when she was 3 years old. This was to carry out a promise made to God when Anna was still childless. Mary’s presentation has an important theological purpose. It continues the impact of the feasts of the Immaculate Conception and of the birth of Mary. It emphasizes that the holiness conferred on Mary from the beginning of her life on earth continued through her early childhood and beyond.

Friday, November 22 is the feast of St. Cecilia

Cecilia was a young Christian of high rank betrothed to a Roman named Valerian. Through her influence, Valerian was converted, and was martyred along with his brother. The legend about Cecilia’s death says that after being struck three times on the neck with a sword, she lived for three days, and asked the pope to convert her home into a church. Like any good Christian, Cecilia sang in her heart, and sometimes with her voice. She has become a symbol of the Church’s conviction that good music is an integral part of the liturgy.


Gala Evening With Mary (3:30 PM, Sunday, December 8, 2019)

The Gala Evening With Mary is an annual gathering of all parishioners to meet and celebrate our family of God. We will pray together and thank Mary on the feast of her Immaculate Conception for her maternal care and constant intercessions.  During dinner we will engage in casual conversations and get to know the members of our community. Peter Speziale, principal harpist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra will play selections from the Magic Flute and Swan Lake to begin a joyous season. Bring your family as the choir leads us to the singing of popular carols and we will dance the rest of the evening. This will be on Sunday, December 8th at 3:30 in the afternoon. You can pick up your reservations cards from the tables and submit them on or before November 29.


Exclusive St. Casimir Wine

We still have exclusive St. Casimir red and white wines available from Lithuanian Days which you can pick up to be blessed and served to your guests on Thanksgiving Day. You can get them from the sacristy and the suggested donation is two bottles for $30.


Called to RenewCampaign (Parish Goal: $215,000) 

We are amazed with the outpouring generosity and support to the Called To Renew Campaign. The Holy Spirit continues to inspire our parishioners as they fill up their pledge forms, drop them in the collection basket or send them in the mail. As of date 56 grateful parishioners have committed to share their abundant blessings. May God’s love and graces be always upon you and your loved ones.

We are almost there with our goal. Together with Fr. Tom and Patricia, we are determined to raise the assessed amount of $560,000 to replace the roofs, exterior and interior paintings, upgrade bathrooms and put asphalt on the parking lot. We have started cutting and trimming trees around the buildings as required by the archdiocesan engineers.

With the remaining 144 families to make their pledges, we shall be able to provide. God has entrusted us St. Casimir. Together let us be good stewards and take care of it. In the book of Corinthians it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful.


Lithuania’s new cardinal

Lithuania has a new cardinal. Retired Archbishop Sigitas Tamkevisius of Kaunas received the red hat together with 13 new cardinals from Pope Francis this morning at the Vatican. Cardinal Sigitas was a veteran of Soviet prisons and labor camps. He was arrested in 1983 and spent six months in the KGB prison in Vilnius, before being sentenced to six years’ hard labor. In 1988, he was exiled to Siberia to complete the sentence. He never compromised the Catholic faith through collaboration, despite fears he might never be freed. He remained committed as witness of Faith up to the present time. As president of the Lithuanian Bishops Conference, he steered the Lithuanian church through the country’s accession to NATO and the European Union, as well as controversies with its governments over abortion, divorce, religious education and mass emigration. Our parish delegation met Cardinal Tamkevicius and we pray for God’s blessings on his elevation to the College of Cardinals.


Pray for our parish and spiritual community

Let us continue offering special prayers for unity, understanding and cooperation in our parish community. God brought us all together here at St. Casimir’s in His great love and mercy to be one universal Church. Let us pray for our pastor that he may always have the graces and wisdom to lead us to Christ.


Pope Francis Message on His Apostolic Journey to the Baltic Seas

During his apostolic visit last September, Pope Francis acknowledged the experiences of Lithuanians that still bear the scars of the occupation period, anguish of those who were deported, uncertainty about those who never returned, and shame for those who were informers and traitors. He called for healing the memories of the past and take active part in the tasks of the present. He reminded everyone what it means to be a Church on the move, unafraid to go out and get involved, to go forth to the weak, neglected, those dwelling at the margins of life. To go forth also means to halt at times, to set aside worries and cares, to notice, to listen and to accompany those left on the roadside.












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